How to Prepare and Use a Piping Bag

How to Prepare and Use a Piping Bag

Once you've mastered the art of prepping a decorating bag you'll be ready to pipe the cakes and cupcakes of your dreams!

You Will Need:

A piping bag
A piping tip
A coupler (optional - this is only necessary if you intend on using multiple tips on the same bag of icing or need to swap tips across various different coloured bags of icing)
A spoon, baking spatula or angled spatula

Step One:

Put the piping tip (or base of the coupler if you are using one) at the end of the piping bag as far as it will go. Using a pair of scissors, mark the bag at the halfway point of the tip (or 2-3cm before the first thread on the narrow end of the coupler). Remove the tip/coupler and cut the tip of the piping bag at the mark you made.

Step Two:

Put the tip/coupler base back into the bag and push it into the opening you have made. Half of the tip or a small part of the coupler should extend out of the bag.

Step Three:

If you are using a coupler, place the tip over the coupler base that is extending out of the bag. Put the coupler ring over the tip and twist it to secure.

Step Four:

Fold the top of the piping bag down about halfway. You can either hold the bag while filling it, or rest it on a tall glass or container with the tip end down. Transfer icing into the bag using either a spoon or spatula. Do not overfill the piping bag. If there is too much icing this will make the bag hard to squeeze and you will have less control. 1/2 cup of icing is a good starting point.

Step Five:

Unfold the top of the bag and hold it closed. Gently squeeze the icing down to the bottom of the bag until it begins to come through the tip. Twist the end of the bag once or twice to prevent the icing spilling out. You can secure this with a rubber band if desired.

Step Six:

To use the bag, place it in the palm of your hand, resting the twisted part of the bag in the crease between your thumb and finger. Use your entire hand to squeeze the bag, and use your other hand to steady the tip


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