How to Pipe a Cupcake Swirl

How to Pipe a Cupcake Swirl

The classic cupcake swirl combined with some colourful sprinkles creates a delicious looking treat for any occasion.

You Will Need:

Buttercream Icing
A piping bag
A 1M (classic swirl), 2D (rose) or 2A (round) tip

Step One:

Hold your prepared piping bag vertically about 1cm above the surface of your cupcake.

Step Two:

Squeeze the bag to begin the middle of the swirl. Without releasing any pressure, raise the decorating tip slightly and begin moving it slightly to the side. This will start off your swirl.

Step Three:

Keeping the same pressure, start to move around the star you have created in the centre. Keep going until it connects to the starting point.

Step Four:

After you have completed this first circle, with the same pressure, move the decorating tip slightly inwards and create another slightly smaller circle. Continue spiraling upwards until you reach your desired height. Once you have reached the center of your cupcake, stop squeezing and pull the tip upwards.


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