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Star Wars Icing Decoration


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Top of your Star Wars themed cake, cupcakes or cookies with these cute Star Wars icing decorations. These Icing decorations will match perfectly with the Star Wars party decorations, napkins and plates perfect for your Star Wars party! 

Sold Individually

Approx Sizes: Logo: 4CM x 3CM x 0.5CM

                     Darth Vader: 3.5CM x 3.5CM x 0.5CM

                     Storm Trooper: 3CM x 3.5CM x 0.5CM

                     Lightsabers: 3CM x 3CM x 0.5CM

                     R2-D2: 3.5CM x 2.5CM x 0.5CM

                     BB-8: 4CM x 3CM x 0.5CM