How to Cover a Cake with Fondant

How to Cover a Cake with Fondant

Fondant can be daunting for a new cake decorator, but once you've mastered creating a smooth base you'll be ready to go!

You Will Need:

Step One:

Prepare your cake with buttercream icing.

Step Two:

Knead your fondant with your hands until it is at a workable consistency. Knead in a little cornflour or icing sugar if it is sticky. Dust your working surface and your rolling pin with cornflour or icing sugar to prevent sticking.

Step Three:

Use your rolling pin to roll out the fondant to a suitable size for your cake (take into account its width, length and height). Ideally your fondant should be 2-3mm in thickness. 

Step Four:

Gently lift your rolled fondant onto your rolling pin and drape the fondant over your cake.

Step Five:

Beginning from the centre of your cake, smooth out the fondant using your Fondant Smoother. Move the smoother outwards and work down the sides of your cake to remove creases and air bubbles. If you do end up with any air bubbles, they can be popped by inserting a pin on an angle and re-smoothing the surface. Mark off the fondant at the base of the cake with the straight edge of your Fondant Smoother and use a knife or pizza cutter to remove any excess fondant.


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